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Used Ford Crankshaft Pulley in Stock

Doesn’t matter which Ford crankshaft pulley you are searching for, here at London Engines, we are the best in providing the best quality, less used and excellent working secondhand Ford crankshaft pulleys for sale at the cheapest rates.  Our skilled workers are dedicated to work and they are famous in providing the excellent quality crankshaft pulley for you.

Simply let us know, and we deliver it to anywhere in London and UK. We also offer a standard warranty of up to12 months on the sale of second hard car parts for your peace of mind.

Enter your Ford’s reg number above to get a price quote for a used crankshaft pulley that fits your car.

What is Crankshaft Pulley

Located at the front end of the crankshaft, the crankshaft pulley is what drives the alternator and the other engine components. It is also known as the harmonic balancer and it is a clear to see wheel mounted to the crankshaft. It is also responsible for turning the belts that operate the engine and other accessories. But, if it stops working, you can’t do anything with your vehicle.