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Premium Quality Used Ford Diesel Injectors for Any Model in UK

To buy a new Diesel Injector is not a big task, however, the major thing linked with new item is its cost. To be frank, this only issue is mostly the worst one. At London Engines, we help you by offering reasonable price range of Ford second hand Diesel Injectors. We guarantee that we offer the cheapest rates on diesel Injectors in UK.

Simply enter your reg number above to get a price quote and buy the diesel injector for your Ford. We offer both fitting and UK wide delivery services.

What is a Diesel Injector?

Diesel injection is the introduction of fuel in an automotive engine. A diesel engine uses fuel injection by design. It is beneficial for smoother and more consistent transient throttle response, such as during quick throttle transitions, easier cold starting, more accurate adjustment to account for extremes of ambient temperatures and changes in air pressure, and most of all, better fuel efficiency.

Warranty on Secondhand Ford Diesel Injectors

London Engines respects every customer hence we give a standard warranty of 6-12 months on all used parts. Customer's satisfaction is our main focus. That’s why we have a large pool of satisfied customers who still recommend us on our best services. We offer full back up in case of any problem. So feel free to contact us.