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Buy Replacement Turbo for Your Ford Here

If you are looking to buy a cheap but top quality replacement turbo for your Ford, you are at the right place. London Engines has the largest stock of used Ford turbos that are in perfect working order. We offer both fitting and UK wide delivery services. To get a price quote for the turbo that fits your Ford please enter your UK registration number above.

What is Function of a Turbo in Engine?

A Turbo is a turbine driven forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engine’s efficiency and power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber. When we take the decision to buy a new Turbo for our Ford, there is the only thing that creates big hurdle in our purchasing and that is its high price.

The malfunctioning of your Ford’s Turbo unit hits your budget very seriously. As long as London Engines is present, you don’t need to worry. Simply come to our state of the art garage. We replace your faulty Ford Turbo with the 100% working used Ford Turbo unit at the cheapest online rates.

Second Hand Ford Turbo Standard Warranty

London Engines also offers supply and fit services as well as delivery of superior quality used Ford Turbo. Our engine repairing team is reliable and have vast experience in Turbo repairing and replacement. We offer 6-12 months standard warranty on all used Ford Parts.