Our Customer Reviews

Very Satisfied

I am very satisfied car was collected within couple of hours of ringing up and the work was done within time frame. Its on budget and car has been running fantastically well since work was done. I am very happy. I do recommend using this company. 

Cheapest Prices

I am very satisfied with my engine, great reconditioning. I had it taken in on a Saturday, they told me 5 working days. Got it back on the time schedule. Good value for money. I had a couple of extras that they done, just help me out basically. Had a new clutch fitted and air con recharged. Will fully recommend these. They are one of the cheapest people I have found. 

So very very pleased

I have just traveled 120 miles to travel to this place. They are very pleasant serve me coffee in the office and it’s been a pleasure. 

The Best Place

Hi guys I am Zaf, if you got a problem with your engine, London Engines is the best place to come. Two years ago I done my engine here, 2 years 100 K, still going strong. I am back to do the cam belt so if you got problem with your engine, London Engines best place. 


My name is Kay came here from Milton Keynes. Came to London Engines, this place is fantastic. Got my ST sorted out, it’s all good. I recommend to anyone out there. 

Useful & recommended

It's very useful to have the company around here. They are doing a really good job. Give them your car and they will take care of it. I am very happy with them. I recommend to everyone out there.  

Fantastic Job

My name is Rob when I came here the engine was completely knackered, needed a new injector. Took it VW they didn’t have a clue what the problem was. Took it here, had the new engine reconditioned sorted the whole problem out. Had a new clutch, taken it for a test drive it drives amazingly. The guys here done a fantastic job, really fast all in one week. 

Always there when needed

I had a problem with the engine, guys done a really good job for me. Always there for me when I need them. 

Good Work

I have just driven it, it’s really good, good work 

Quick & Brilliant

I recommend this to everyone done my engine. Fantastic, Very quick, great service, brilliant.