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At London Engines, it is simple to buy used or reconditioned Ford Fusion engines at the cheapest online rates. We guarantee that our secondhand Fusion engines have done a very low mileage and all our remanufactured engines are reconditioned up to the highest standard to give a new like performance. We also ensure that we offer fully tested and 100% OK engines with the performance up to the marks. To get an engine price quote enter your reg number above and we will quote you the price of reconditioned and secondhand engines that fit your Ford Fusion, You can choose to get the engine fitting done by us or order for delivery anywhere in the UK.

Fusion Engine Reconditioning

Reconditioning Ford Fusion engine involves the following:

  • Re-ground crankshaft,
  • new camshaft,
  • valve lifters,
  • timing chains,
  • rocker-arms,
  • push-rods, water pump,
  • oil pump,
  • pistons and rings,
  • connecting rods,

All of the parts are remanufactured or replaced with genuine parts.

Inside Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion is a vertically stretched version of the Ford Fiesta Fusion supermini that was produced from 2002 to 2012. With the advanced technology, Ford Fusion is packed with power-folding mirrors, automatic and home safe headlights, automatic windscreen wipers, Bluetooth with voice control, trip computer, MP3 player connectivity and Electronic Stability Program.

The engine trims are in different powers such as;

  • Ford Fusion Petrol Engines
  • 1.4L I4
  • 1.6L I4
  • Ford Fusion Diesel Engines
  • 1.4L I4 TDCi
  • 1.6L I4 TDCi

Whereas the Ford Fusion gearbox is also in both auto and manual versions.

  • 4-speed automatic Aisin Warner AW-80
  • 5-speed semi-automatic DuraShift-EST
  • 5-speed manual IB5

Ford Fusion Engine Problems

Engines normally fail for a number of reasons including internal engine stress and fatigue, poor maintenance, low quality, overheating due to coolant leakage. If you find signs of such issues, don’t delay and rush to the nearest mechanic to identify the problem. If the issue is in the first stage, then go for its repair. If you are frightened after getting the news of Ford Fusion engine failure, no need to worry. At London Engines, we provide the best Ford Fusion engines to provide you best reconditioned Ford Fusion engines.

We know all major and common issues of Ford Fusion engine like;

  • Less power while driving
  • Issue with engine cooling
  • Misfire

Trusted Seller of Ford Engines

London Engines has served thousands of satisfied customers. It is because we ensure that our genuine, trustworthy and high class Ford Fusion engines are the best in the market and we provide excellent recon Ford Fusion engines at the cheap rates. Simply search for your required model. We guarantee that reconditioned Ford Fusion engine prices we offer are the cheapest of all. Like Ford Focus reconditioned engine, the used Ford Fusion engines are also of low mileage and gone through strict quality control before being offered for sale.     

Ford Fusion Engine Fitting or UK Wide Delivery

London Engines always think about the best interest of our customers. That’s why our used or remanufactured engines are fully tested before fitting. Our engine supply and fitting service is swift. You need to just select what you want. We are available with ready stock of Ford Fusion reconditioned and used engines for sale. Fitting here is also exceptional. Our mechanics are fully qualified and have years of experience in Ford engines replacement. So its best to get the engine fitting done at our fully equipped garage. We can recover your Fusion, replace the engine and deliver it back to you. You can also select to order your Fusion engine for a UK wide delivery.

Search Ford Fusion Reconditioned Engines in Easy Steps

No worry if you are searching for reconditioned Fusion engines for sale in UK or used engines at low prices. Simply fill the form with above and send to us. You are done. We have special department dedicated to receiving and answering you queries, who will respond you quickly with a price quote.

Standard Ford Fusion Engines Warranty

London Engines respects our customers. That’s why we give a standard warranty on recon and used Ford Fusion engines. Customer’s satisfaction is our main focus. That’s why we have a large pool of satisfied customers who are still recommending us for our best services. We offer full back up in case of any problem if found. So feel free to contact us. It is our wish to help and support our customers in every way we can.

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