Used & Reconditioned Ford Galaxy Engines in Stock Now

London Engines offers the best replacement Ford Galaxy engines for our customers. We guarantee that our Ford engines mechanics are the best of all and our supplied reconditioned Galaxy engines are remanufactured up to a top standards and our used engine have done guaranteed low mileage. To buy a diesel or petrol engine for your Ford Galaxy all you need to do is enter your registration number above and give your details, we will send you a price quote for recon & second hand engines that fit your Galaxy. London Engines not only offers supply and fitting service but also delivers replacement engines all over the UK, you can choose the service that suits you.

Ford Galaxy History

The Ford Galaxy is a large multi purpose vehicle, produced by Ford Company. Firstly, it was introduced in June 1995 and since then its three generations took birth with full success.

  • 1st Gen: 1995-2006
  • 2nd Gen: 2006-2015
  • 3rd Gen: 2015-Present

Most Poplar Galaxy Engines:

The most popular engines in Ford Galaxy range include;

  • 1.8 L I4 Duratorq TDCi 99–123 bhp
  • 2.0 L I4 Duratorq TDCi 129–161–138 bhp
  • 2.0 L I4 Duratec 143 bhp
  • 2.0 L I4 Duratec Flexifuel 143 bhp
  • 2.0 L I4 EcoBoost 203 bhp
  • 2.2 L I4 Duratorq TDCi 197 bhp
  • 2.3 L I4 Duratec 161 bhp

Common Problems in Ford Galaxy Engine

Although Ford Galaxy engines are very reliable and efficient but there are some issues which are noticed since past couple of years.

  • Rattling noise from the Galaxy gearbox area
  • Dense black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe
  • Power loss, especially in first and second gears

Here at London Engines, we have the solution for all the Galaxy engine problems. Our skilled and Ford specialist engine mechanics how to fix any small or big issue in the most efficient way.

How to Buy Ford Galaxy Engine?

Buying Ford Galaxy engine is so simple at London Engines, all you need to do is entyer your Ford Galaxy reg number in at the top of this page, our systems will verify with DVLA and get you the price quotes for replacement engines for your Galaxy. We always have bulk quantity of excellent condition reconditioned and used Ford Galaxy engines. You just need to simply fill the Ford Galaxy reconditioned engine form and send us query. We are happy to assist you and provide you with the best Ford engines.

Why Choose Reconditioned or Secondhand When Replacing Galaxy Engine?

New engines from main dealers work out to be much more expensive option for a replacement Galaxy engine. However used or reconditioned Ford Galaxy engines are available at much cheaper rates. Here at London Engines, we offer the best quality recon Ford Galaxy engines for sale that offer the same performance and reliability as a new engine but at a much lower rate.

Similarly, secondhand engines are even cheaper, although these engines have done some mileage in another vehicle, but we work very hard to make sue that only low mileage new like engines are sourced for our customers.

So no need to go for a new Galaxy engine. Simply buy used or a recon engine from us.

Superior Quality Controls of Ford Galaxy Engines

We guarantee that all Ford Galaxy engine parts like re-ground crankshaft, new camshaft, valve lifters, timing chains, rocker-arms, push-rods, water pump, oil pump, pistons and rings, connecting rods, all are remanufactured under best conditions from our Ford Galaxy engine verified staff. Some faulty parts may also are replaced with the new ones depending upon the requirement. London Engines ensures the best engine performance, economy and reliability from Ford Galaxy reconditioned engines team.

Galaxy Engine Supply and Fit or All UK Delivery

Ford Galaxy engine supply and fitting service is also offered here. Our experienced and fully trained Ford specialists mechanics offer the best engines supply and fitting at our fully equipped garage. We also offer engine delivery so, wherever you are in UK, if you need Ford Galaxy engine delivered to your door step, this service is also available here.

Standard Warranty on Ford Galaxy Engines

London Engines always tries to satisfy and fulfil the requirements of their customers. That’s why to give them the best supply and fitting and good condition Ford Galaxy Engines is our first ambition. Not only this, we guarantee that each delivered or fitted engine by us is in a-one condition. That’s why we also offer a standard warranty on all replacement engines we offer for you extra peace of mind.